Your membership with AAFEC connects you to an advertising community of over 85,000 professionals across the country, providing you with astounding networking and educational opportunities and valuable discounts with premier organizations like FedEx and Businesswire.


AAFEC educates its members on the latest trends in advertising, marketing and advocacy through a variety of monthly and bi-monthly programs.


Once a member, you can volunteer to serve your industry by sitting on one of several committees including the government affairs committee, which helps AAFEC members stay current on the trends and legislation shaping our industry.


AAFEC membership also provides access to discounts on the tools you need to stay competitive in a changing environment. Check out 4AAF Deals to learn more about this program. Discounts on services range from subscriptions to trade publications, insurance packages, shipping and web telecomommunications.


By virtue of your membership in AAFEC, you will also become a member of the 4th District and the American Advertising Federation, our parent organization. Additional membership benefits are included and can be researched by visiting the following web link:


If you have any questions regarding pricing, membership benefits, or renewal, please contact us.


Please remember, without active membership, you won’t be able to use the significant membership discount on ADDY submissions, so renew today!


Individual Membership

Corporate Level Membership

Corporate Package Membership

$100 per person

(3 or more members) $90 per person

(2 members, up to 2 event guests) $250 for the year